About the farm

Winegrowing and wine

have been part of the farm’s legacy since 1899. A visitor can even have a look at the then issued title deed with somewhat less than two hectares of vineyard on a twenty-hectare plot of land in the then called municipality of Podverh, tax district Lihtenvald, province of Steiermark.

The winegrowing and winemaking tradition is being preserved, expanded and upgraded at the farm from generation to generation.

Tourism at the farm

has been added in 1991 and has expanded and upgraded over the years, with winemaking also complementing and adding value to the wine, which is certainly best sold in a glass on the table. The farm organized into a complementary activity, adding a winery and providing sightseeing and accommodation tourist services.

We are proud of 30 years of tourism at the farm. Our guests can enjoy the cosy, warm, pleasant and functional facility, the work of the local master mason, with 10 double rooms, an infrared and Finnish sauna for relaxation, a common room, and a pleasant large dining room. The icing on the cake is the spacious covered terrace, overlooking an abundance of green areas, where guests love to linger to find their peace and rest.

As guests visit the 150-years old, still original stone wine cellar and see the house collection of three generations, with the fourth generation already diligently taking over responsibilities, they can experience the authenticity, sincerity and a sense of belonging of all generations at the farm. Local awards and foreign recognitions for wines, juices and other beverages are an additional confirmation and an even better encouragement for the future.


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