Wine tasting

Tradition in winegrowing and winemaking has been preserved, expanded and upgraded from generation to generation.

Today, the wines, juices and other beverages at the farm are named by the nearby Devil’s gorge bearing the brand name “Tajf”, which refers our best, sunny wine-growing areas.

Tajfl wines

Sauvignon, Welschriesling and Blaufränkisch, and the new addition to the offer, the sparkling wine pet – nat.

Tajfl juices

The right choice for our young guests and those who do not drink alcohol is the natural grape juices šipon and žametovka, both under the brand name Tajfl, excellent healthy drinks with a pleasant acidic taste.

Tajf wine spirit

For making wine spirit we use a special technology that makes the wine spirit drinkable and also an excellent basis for the house wine brandy.


As said before, the basis for our brandy is the excellent spirit made from quality new wine aged in oak barrels. Oak barrels are made by the local cooper from the oaks growing in the local forest.

Grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil is a highly potent antioxidant, containing high concentrations of proanthocyanidin that makes your skin beautiful, rejuvenates it, prevents wrinkles and brown age spots, and is also used for medicinal purposes to inhibit cancer.

In cuisine, chefs use grapeseed oil as a seasoning and that extra something.
To us, it is an indispensable and permanent house product, produced using the cold pressing method, and which delivers visible results to our family and other users when used regularly.